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The holiday farmhouse Corte Fattori is located on the beautiful morainal hills of Castellaro Lagusello. The smooth slopes, thanks to the favourable mild climate of the nearby Garda Lake, host cultivations of vine, vegetables and cereals.

Grapes is mostly sent to the wine cellar www.cantinacollimorenici.it to be processed into wine. Our guests can go there to taste our wide selection of red and white wines, including the classic Chiaretto.

The remaining grape is then processed by the people in the farmhouse to produce excellent grapes jam (Isabella grapes, muscat grapes, pinot grapes and mixed red grapes) and into a delicious grapes prickles. Among the vegetables grown in the farmhouse a special role is played by tomatoes which are then processed into sauce.

Tomatoes are picked up by hand when the July and August sun makes them come to maturity. A part of these tomatoes is sold in the farmhouse and the rest  is processed into an excellent tomato sauce. Pumpkin, too deserves a special mention: several pumpkin varieties are grown in the farmhouse.

Guests staying in the farmhouse in September can taste the Zuccadelica or the butternut pumpkins.  Some pumpkins are used as ornaments since they have particular shapes and colours. Pumpkin is processed together with green tomatoes into a delicate jam to be served with seasoned cheese.

Cereals vary from year to year according to the rotation of crops. The most common ones are corn, wheat, barley alternated to soya bean.

Even if farming is mainly mechanized, it will be interesting for our guests to assist how the fields are prepared, sown, irrigated and how crops are threshed.